I love a tiny wee wedding and they don't come any smaller than this! Laura and James emailed me just a few ago. They had planned a very small (two friends as witnesses), low key, Monday morning Registry office wedding in Perth before their baby is born. No wedding cars, flowers or fuss and no Photos. Thankfully they had a change of heart about the latter and decided a few photos for the family to see might be nice so they booked me for just an hour and this is what happened.....

James and Laura exchanged vows in front of their two witnesses. The words in a small ceremony always feel very powerful, I think it is the lack of noise and distraction in the room but it was a moving experience and the congratulations that followed were sweet....

After the ceremony, this party of four (five if you include the baby bump) planned to go to Malmaison in Dundee for lunch so we decided to have a fairly casual photo shoot on the walk back to the car park!

The Registry Office in Perth is next to the River which makes a great backdrop for photos.

We were lucky enough to get sunshine in January too!

There are some beautiful old buildings in Perth (that is the Courthouse in the photo above!) so we wandered along, having a chat and a few stops on the way.

The atmosphere was calm and cheerful as we said or goodbyes. I got some lovely feedback from them too...

"The whole day was just as we wanted it to go. We can’t believe how great they turned out, such a fantastic set of photos! We can’t thank you enough for capturing our special day so perfectly." - Laura and James

Are you are planning your own small wedding and think professional photos will be too much fuss or expensive? Please remember that when the day is over, photos are your only tangible memories, without them the memories of love and happiness will fade with time. The photography doesn't have to be posed and it doesn't have to last all day. All the photos you see here were captured in one hour!

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