Ballathie House Hotel is lovely place, an old country house on a huge estate with nice bright rooms and cosy fires a great choice of venue for Ruth and Robin's wedding.

I arrived to see some impressive cars owned by Robin and his friends' but even more impressive was this cake stand filled with Tunnocks goodies! 

The guests all met and caught up in the hall before they were ushered inside for the ceremony, then Ruth made her entrance looking gorgeous in her bespoke dress :)

The big smiles from the bride and groom say it all :)

After the ceremony everyone enjoyed a celebration drink while I kept one eye on the window waiting on the rain going off!

Ballath house hotel wedding photographer

It stopped for about 5 minutes and I just managed to get this group shot before the next downpour! Everyone headed inside for dinner to warm themselves up!

"The photos are great and really reflect the relaxing and enjoyable time we were all having, thank you so much" - Ruth