Aislinn and Sam had booked me to shoot their 2020 wedding back in a simpler time, when Corona was still just a beer. When October came around I was so happy to hear that they were planning to go ahead with their wedding despite having to downsize a fair bit to 20 people. The weddings I'd shot before at The Rhynd were all pretty big so I was curious to see what a small wedding would be like there, but I soon discovered it worked just as well for 20 people as it does for 200!

I arrived on the day to find Sam greeting his guests, the ceremony was held outdoors and it was a lovely day for it, very mild for October. Aislinn soon arrived and was led out to the garden by her bridesmaids followed by her parents...

They had a Humanist Ceremony conducted by Lorna Hanlon, who also spoke some of the ceremony in German for Sam's parents, who were watching a live stream via a nearby iPad from their home in Germany, as they were unable to fly to Scotland for the occasion.

The Rhynd is just a 5 minute drive from Aislinn and Sam's favourite place: Tentsmuir Forest, so we had decided to go there just after the ceremony, before it got too dark and scary to hang around the woods! It is a beautiful spot for photos, there is a golden sandy beach right next to the forest...

After a wee photo shoot, we came back to the venue where the newlyweds had planned some games to play with their guests: Viking Chess and Jenga ( in case you are wondering, the white gloves are for germ reasons, Aislinn is a Doctor so was keen to keep everyone safe on the day!)

I'm still getting used to the 'new normal' of small tables at weddings, but I loved this set up, it was still like everyone was in one group with the tables all facing towards each other. They cut their cake before sitting down for dinner.

There were a few short speeches before dinner, the Bride and Groom's joint speech was great....

I captured a few nice moments when they weren't looking!

The wedding took place during the 'no loud music or dancing inside' rule, but they still wanted a first dance so they took a phone outside for their very own first dance under the festoon lights. It was just perfect to be honest! It may not have been the wedding they had planned back in 2019, but Sam, Aislinn and their guests made the most of the day and really enjoyed themselves and if you ask me, that is something we could all benefit from right now!

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