In general potential buyers/renters want to see a tidy, clutter free, welcoming space that they can imagine themselves living in.  Here are a few tips to help make your property photography appealing:

  • Kitchen – clear all worktops, draining boards etc, hide any washing up items etc you would usually have out.  Hide bins if possible.  If you have a dining table you may want to set it or put out a fruit bowl/vase of flowers/coffee pot and cakes out. Make sure all chairs are pushed in.
  • Living areas – hide all clutter and remote controls, clear surfaces apart from a few decorative items, if you have family photos up, you may want to take these down/replace with other art.  Hide any visible cables where possible.

Bedrooms – Make all beds as crease free as possible, clear surfaces/cables etc.  Some folded towels/blankets on bed can make it more welcoming.

  • Bathrooms – put down toilet seat, hide any toiletries, toothbrushes, toilet brush and bins. Fold or remove towels and make sure mirrors/glass are as clean/streak-free as possible
  • Outside – hide any toys/items lying around except seating/tables, move any cars from driveway/exterior if possible. 

If you are based around Dundee, Fife or Perthshire and would like photos of your property, please get in touch.