Prestonfield House is the most luxurious and charming hotel in Edinburgh so I was excited when Dom and Alex asked me to photograph their wedding there.

I found the Bride and groom getting ready in their suite with all their guests, all three of them, both their Mums' and Dom's Auntie!

We all headed along to the ceremony room together, to be met by a Peacock tapping on the window!

Edinburgh wedding Photographer Scotland
The Witchery Edinburgh wedding photographer

After the ceremony, the newlyweds were congratulated by their guests whilst enjoying some celebratory drinks and canapes.

Prestonfield House has beautiful gardens for photos, the sky was looking a bit dark so we headed outside for a wee photo shoot before the rain came on..

The Hotel's resident cat decided it would like a photo taken as well!

Once the rain started, we went to explore the rooms in the Hotel....

Prestonfield House the witchery edinburgh wedding venue
Edinburgh wedding Photographer Prestonfield House The Witchery

I left them to enjoy some quality time with their guests before dinner...

"Thanks for the lovely photographs, we really enjoyed looking through them when we arrived home yesterday. There really are some great ones, you have captured the day beautifully. " - Alex and Dominic