Ross and Victoria had the smallest but loveliest city wedding back in March. They opted for a ceremony at the local registrars in Dundee, The Hollins Rooms. They had their Mums act as witnesses and their three young kids as the wedding party, with five guests it was a personal and fun wedding. Their children were included in the ceremony with ring bearer duties, sand pouring, a reading and lots of general cuteness! It was raining when we left the registry office, but luckily I know some sheltered spots nearby! We used the steps of the Caird Hall, a beautiful city centre concert hall, for some group and couple, followed by a bit of a confetti shower in the underpass, then we braved the V&A.... but it was rainy, wind tunnel so we only lasted about one minute before the kids ran back to car to get warm again! The newlyweds were heading home with plans to meet the rest of their family for dinner later. Simple, relaxed and fuss-free with the focus on love and family, what more could you need?